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New Litter Due we have a new Balinese litter due early June.
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20, May 2005

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18, May 2005
Author: Maxine Smith


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Welcome to the Jaymax CATTERY! We are a sole breeder where we raise GCCF Registered Top Quality Balinese (Longhair Siamese) and soon to raise Traditional Siamese.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Maxine, I have recently retired and live in the small West Country village of Banwell. Having raised 7 children and 19 grandchildren I found I still had a fair amount of time on my hands. After some discussion with my husband John, we decided that I should take up a hobby.  Sharing my home are two dogs, our Jack Russell, Mitch aged 10 and Harvey our Westie aged 7.

I thought long and hard before deciding that breeding and showing cats would be my ideal hobby. My daughter has been breeding Siamese for quite some time. They are the heart and soul of her life and bring her so much joy. Choosing the breed was easy. I have always loved Balinese cats so, with my daughter breeding Siamese, help and advice was close at hand. With our combined knowledge I felt the introduction of new variants could also become a possibility for the future.

Having searched around for a few weeks and after doing lots of research, I eventually found a breeder with a new litter due. Following the birth, she kindlyFinally sent pictures for me to follow their progress. Finally the day arrived when I went to collect my first baby! We called her Gypsymae. After a very short time she pretty much took over my life! In the many years preceding her arrival I had forgotten just how close one can actually become to cats. Within a few weeks she took control of the house - showing everyone else just who the boss REALLY was! She is about to have her own litter and we are ever so excited!

Although Gypsymae had settled in well with the dogs, there still appeared to be something missing… perhaps a companion to play with when we were not home? My daughter had the solution… and his name was Precious! A beautiful male Siamese kitten, given this name after being the only survivor from a litter of three. Sadly his mum could not feed him herself as a direct result of the distress caused by the loss of his siblings. Naturally, Precious had to be hand-reared for the first 10 days until such time as a surrogate mother was able to take over. Precious is now my beautiful second cat and has become such a loving and adorable pet. He is nearly a year old now, and I don’t know what I would do without him!

I am now a committee member of the Balinese & Siamese Club. My daughter Lynn and I go to most of the local cat shows… we do hope to see you there some time soon… PLEASE come over for a chat… we’d love to meet you!


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